A Lady In Bait & Tackle Shop

bait and tackle shop st. augustine fl

Bait and tackle is regularly required for daily, weekend or annual fishing excursions. All seasonal amateur and professional fishermen already know what to expect when they visit bait and tackle shop st. augustine fl. But as first-time visitors perhaps, how many know that there is a rather rare lady in this bait and tackle shop. And these days, how many ladies actually take to the waters to go fishing as men have been doing for centuries and centuries. Rumor has it that it is the Lydonia lady that resides here. She is believed to be the bait and tackle shop’s most famous lure. By dint of its name, the lure is required to draw the fish to the line and bait.

Bait, tackle and all fishing equipment, encompassing the lure, needs to be customized towards the conditions, the targets and the fisherman’s abilities. Customized fishing equipment is designed specifically to attract pelagic fish species. These include the marlin, tuna and sailfish. The ultimate lure’s true value can thus only be measured by how it performs in the water. The best lures have proven themselves over and over again at tourneys and sport fishing events around the world.  Helping the Lydonia lady live up to her fame will be a variety of designs. She also needs her skirt. That being said, custom skirt designs will be prepared as well.

But in order for the lure and all her accoutrements to work, the men that make them still need to test them in the water. For the lure to pass this test, she basically needs to hold her own in the water. And like all ladies, she must look good. So chaps, and ladies, don’t forget your Tees, hats and bags.