Let’s Face It – It’s Just Wrong To Put More Dross Into A Landfill

Things have changed in the world of corporate giveaways. When we went to a trade show we all used to be we were all thrilled to collect a USB drive that had 10MB of storage and fit into your pocket, two Styrofoam cup holders and a thingy that either flew across the room or brought tears to your eyes when you flicked yourself with the extra strong rubber band.

But now most of us have more than enough of that stuff and in these days of throwing away things that don’t give you pleasure, your hard-earned marketing budget might literally end up in the trash can, and no one wants that.

Personalized gifts toledo oh is offering a new approach to the problem. Create something that has a little value about it. Something your special customers will actually want to keep. Something there is a little more value it. Custom engraving is clearly of great value and it can on anything from leather to jewelry, wood and much more.

When you think about it, it actually makes sense. People can tell if something is mass produced – a ballpoint pen might be handy, and yes people will see your name, but does it say you think they are special.

When you create something that is clearly of a better value, that is well produced and has some weight about it the receiver is going to know and will place a higher value on it, and on the person who gave it to them.

Personalized gifts toledo oh

If you’re a marketing communications manager who has to justify every penny then a custom engraving might be just the thing to show your really important customers a little love. Let them know you value them.

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