Wording for Headstone Plaques: What Should it Say?

When your loved one passes away, you’ll need to choose a headstone to place at the grave to mark the burial placement that others can see when they come back to pay their respects. The headstone will feature a plaque that contains identifying information concerning the deceased. Exactly what type of information should be placed on plaques east grand forks mn for headstones?

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Since it is your loved one’s headstone, you’re free to put any information on the plaque that you choose. Traditionally, the headstone contains the person’s first, middle, and last name as well as their date of birth and date of death. But for many people, this simply isn’t enough and they choose to add more information to the plaque. Whatever you most feel comfortable adding to the headstone is acceptable.

Some people choose to add parents and children’s names to the plaque while others place photos of their loved one on the headstone.  And, sometimes quotes of inspiration, hope, or serenity are placed on the plaque. Literally thousands of great scriptures and verses ease the heart and work wonderfully as an addition to a headstone. The funeral director may be able to help you with scriptures and quotes that are used most often if you need a starting point.

Keep in mind that the more information added to the plaque, the more expensive the price. It’s fairly simple to compare the options and prices to find something that meets your needs. Also keep in mind the headstone size to ensure that sufficient space is available to write all of the information that you want placed there.  Smaller headstones may not accommodate a great deal of information. The funeral director will be of further assistance to help in this matter.